Francis Linkels


Born 13-03, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Being a child whose mother was a dancer and singer, and a father who was a radio DJ, it was no surprise Francis was going to be involved with music. After all music was always the key factor at home.


When she was only 12 years old she had her own hour of airplay at her father's radio station. She instantly knew music was her passion. In 1998 a TV station called TMF, was broadcasting video footage of a program called: TMF the DJ's. DJ's like Roog, Erick E, Ronald Molendijk, where ruling the scene and making history. Intrigued by people who were dancing on beats played live by the DJ, she couldn't wait to see that for herself in real life.


At the age of 15 she could finally experience this scene in real life at local clubs. After seeing this interaction she was hooked and knew that this was exactly what she wanted to do. And so the story begins with buying a mixer, turntables, and a lot of practice. At that time with oldskool vinyl.


Her style is not easy to describe, because she plays a large spectrum of House. You Can describe it as: energetic, soulful, deep-house, with no boundaries as long as it fits.

She also has a concept called: Heimliche Helden. Together with a friend she plays high quality Techno.


She played at several clubs and festivals like:

Garden Disco, Bonaire [Caribbean]

Dinâmica, Antwerpen

Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam

Techchicks, Rotterdam My Kech

Kitsch, Tilburg

Danssalon, Eindhoven

Matrix Festival

Cue bar, Amsterdam

Rechter, Eindhoven

Willem II Stadion, Tilburg

Gaudy Lounge

Gay Pride, Amsterdam

Offcourse 040

Fabric, Eindhoven

Dreamerz, Eindhoven

To name but a few.

Also international she gained some successes in Garden Disco, Bonaire,  Club Hollywood, Alanya and MTV Beachhouse, Mallorca.


In 2011 she was the first female DJ who attempted to be at the final of a DJ contest for starbeach.


In 2014 she finished the title of Pro audio and recording Engineer at Sound Education Utrecht. This allows her to produce her own music which is currently her goal.


With having all these years of experience, you can imagine that Francis knows what the audience wants. Combine these things together with having the drive that always goes for perfection and quality, with a own unique style. Then there's only one thing left and that's what it's all about: Love for music.